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    Sorting Month-Year by Month Name

    Ashley Navin

      In my chart, the data is all correct but my dimension is not sorting correctly.


      =if(date(renewal_dt) <= date(GetFieldSelections(prod_dt))+182.5 and month(renewal_dt) <> month(GetFieldSelections(prod_dt)), month(renewal_dt) &' '& year(renewal_dt),

      if(renewal_dt > GetFieldSelections(prod_dt), year(renewal_dt),))



      This is the dimension. It displays the next six months and then after that, just the years, based on whatever production date is chosen. Attached is a snapshot of how the dimension is displayed when I sort just numerically and have 10/31/15 selected as the production date.


      The years are in the correct order but the Months are not and that is what I am struggling with