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    Regarding the bookmark size and how to avoid the bookmark gets vanished

    qvhelp please

      Hi Pros,


      we have a strange issue here at our organization   , users are creating bookmarks and these bookmarks are getting disappeared

      we have contacted Qlik on this and they had said that any bookmark more than 32KB is possibly gets vanished .but i see few bookmarks more than 32KB still existing .


      what i need to know from your expertise is


      what makes a bookmark size increase more than 32Kb ? i know this might be a silly one and you might be thinking that the selections we made makes the bookmark grow , but i need a little in-depth details because when i have looked at the shared file which i have exported to xml and from .shared file i can see nulls along with the selections , what are these nulls ?


      is it really the size of bookmark causing the issue or the shared file , if it is the shared file issue we should not be able see any of the bookmark in the portal ,but we are able to see few bookmarks .


      can we restrict user from creating a bookmark which is more than 32KB of size

      do cleaning the shared file everyday or periodically can help this issue ?


      Awaiting for responses


      Thanks in advance marcus_sommerrobert_mikastalwar1cuvanonymousjimhalpertafdjaganhicstevedark