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    EXECUTE Command Failed.

    Sherwin Granado

      Hi Community,


      I have a code for executing cmd.exe to delete all existing qvd files !. There is no problem when I run it manually.


      code : "EXECUTE cmd.exe /C del *.qvd;"


      But whenever I run it in server, the error traced in Document Logfile


      2016-05-05 11:06:01 0013 EXECUTE cmd.exe /C del *.qvd

      2016-05-05 11:06:01      ERROR - EXECUTE Command Failed. AllowExecuteCommand setting violation detected.  Document: C:\Qlikview\Development\Test\Test.qvw

      2016-05-05 11:06:01      Error: Script line error:

      2016-05-05 11:06:01      General Script Error

      2016-05-05 11:06:01      Execution Failed


      This error encountered when we upgrade our server to Qlikview v12. We have no problem when running it from our previous server version Qlikview v11.


      Is there any other additional or new code/syntax for deleting qvd files?


      Thanks in advance.....