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    Issue with email distribution

      Hi there I have an issue with the distribution task via email.

      I'm using QV Server/Publisher 9SR6.

      I'm using the active directory of the company I'm implementing QV for.

      I have configured all the services to point to the active directory, but in any case I'm not able to send the reports to the email addresses I have selected manually by choosing thye users from the active directory itself (manual distribution).

      here an example of the log file (Pulisher) I got:


      10/27/2010 14:36:53.4307268 Warning Can't find a suitable Email adress for recipient. MailAdress(es)=, Recipient=, ID=xxxxxxxx\ZaffaroD
      10/27/2010 14:36:53.4307268 Warning Distribution reported warnings for resource "Reload and Distribute of Output\avon_aggr_10-APULIA.qvw_MailAttachment_1" (MailAttachmentDistributionResource). Warnings=1
      10/27/2010 14:36:53.4307268 Warning Distribution to resources reported warnings. Warnings=2

      Any idea of where I should look at to determine where th issue is?
      In active directory the email is specified.