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    Internal Data via Qlik DataMarket



      Is it possible to pull our own data in via Qlik DataMarket? For example, if we use Qlik Sense Cloud, can we update source data via Qlik DataMarket as opposed to manually uploading source data?




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          Stefan Wühl

          As far as I know, you would need to convince Qlik to publish your data (but then this wouldn't be appropriate for 'internal' data).


          If you don't want to upload your data manually, I think you would need to use the QlikSense Enterprise Edition.

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            Michael Tarallo

            Hi Conrad,


            We are working on more customer-based cloud-based sources - such as salesforce.com for example. This would allow you to use your own cloud-based data with Qlik Sense Cloud - so to speak. Qlik DataMarket is syndicated external data provided from a variety of topical packages and trusted sources, so it is a bit different. You would use DataMarket data to achieve different insights when mingled with your internal data. Such as - if I wanted to look at expanding my business into other territories, I might want to look at their GDP or GNI per capita to see which territories had more spending power as to adjust where I might want to start my search or campaigns etc.


            Let us know how you do and if you need more information.


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            Mike Tarallo