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    Error in data connections connecting a network folder

      Dear community members,

             sorry for boring you, but I think I'm having an error that is not depending on some mistakes made in configuring our Qlik Sense Platform 2.2.4


      When I select in "data connections" from QMC a specific connection pointing to a network folder the configuration of it looks ok (i.e. network path and uname/pwd) but when I try to use this network connection from a brand new app  via "add data" I've got the error message "Internal Engine Error". Then I've tried to create a new data connection from a new app (in order to not reuse the existing connection) and when I go in "Data Load Editor --> Create new Connection --> Folder" and I insert the network folder path "\\Computername\folder" I obtain the same "Internal Engine Error"


      Am I doing something wrong or is there something not working in my installation ?


      BTW: from Terminal Server Client on my server if I open windows explorer and navigate to "\\Computername\folder" it works ... so it doesn't seems to me a network error.


      Has someone some suggestion ?