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    Qliksense - Security User/Pass validated immediately without ask all times

    Ricardo Santos

      I managed to get the Qliksense to validate the user/pass with Section Access.
      When user enters the application via  "https://qlikse***/sense/app/bba574b6-c066-4ec3-a4b1-b2df492b7335/sheet/mgHJyLs/state/"
      asks the user/pass. how can I overcome this? can I call with encrypted user/pass and then be validated immediately in the application?

      without ask all times?
      for example"https://qlikse***/sense/app/bba574b6-c066-4ec3-a4b1-b2df492b7335/sheet/mgHJyLs/state/?qlikTicket=kjP13wbrd8qqWkcr" ?