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    Create Global Variables from tables loading script



      I need a global variable that I can use as a "Reference Lines".

      Can I create a variable in the loading script phase?
      I need a the calculation of the   [TIMESTAMPEND]/ [RECORDCOUNT] for each record




        [VERSIONE] as versione_f,

        [RETEACCESSO] as reteAccesso_f,

        [ADNETWORK]  as adNetwork_f,

        [CLI_INDIVIDUATO] as CLI_Individuato_f,

        [MSISDN_INDIVIDUATO] as MSISDN_Individuato_f,

        [CLUSTER_INDIVIDUATO] as Cluster_Individuato_f,



        date(Mid(TIMESTAMPSTART,1, 10)) as Data_inizio_f,

        date(mid(TIMESTAMPEND,1, 10)) as Data_fine_f,

        mid(TIMESTAMPSTART,12, 2) as Ora_inizio_f,

        mid(TIMESTAMPSTART,12, 12) as Orario_inizio_invio_f,

        mid(TIMESTAMPEND,12, 2)  as hour,

        mid(TIMESTAMPEND,12, 12) as Orario_fine_invio_f,

        [RECORDCOUNT] as TotalRequest



      FROM [$(Loadworkpath)AdvHub_frequente.qvd]