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    renaming in a label of an expression

    Rhona Corcoran



      I have a label in a straight table to show the Max ReferredMM and selected year as below:


      ='WTE  '& (Max(ReferredMM))& ' ' & (GetFieldSelections(ReferredYYYY))


      it is working fine but is bringing back:


      WTE 3 2016 for march.


      I want to rename it to show Mar instead of the 3.


      I have a month mapping in my script as follows which works for other things but I can't seem to use it for this any help would be great.





      LOAD * INLINE [

      ReferredMM, Month



      1, 'Jan'

      2, 'Feb'

      3, 'Mar'

      4, 'Apr'

      5, 'May'

      6, 'Jun'

      7, 'Jul'

      8, 'Aug'

      9, 'Sep'

      10, 'Oct'

      11, 'Nov'

      12, 'Dec'