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    Removing Time Stamp and Calculating Estimated Departure - QlikSense

    Dave Melillo

      Hello - I am fairly advanced in QlikView but I have just started using QlikSense, so I am struggling with some of the limitations.


      First, I have a date field formatted as:


      02/29/2016 10:00AM


      I would like to remove the timestamp and just format as MM/DD/YYYY, but nothing I have tried seems to be working.


      Also, I have a "Length of Stay" field, which determines the length of a clients trip. I would like to add "Length of Stay" to the date field mentioned above to get an Estimated Date of Departure.




      Date field = 05/05/2016


      Length of Stay = 5


      Calculated Field, Estimated Date of Departure = 05/10/2016


      Thanks in advance,


      - dave