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    How to display a baseline and static reference bar(s) as part of data?

    David Atkins

      I have data in the form:


      date, value


      I create a bar chart with a dimension of weekstart(date) and expression of count(value).


      What I need to do is display another bar on the left, for which the dimension label is "baseline" and for which there is a static number I have loaded in an inline table.


      So the data would be:


      baseline: 25

      4/3/16: 24

      4/10: 25

      4/17: 26


      The goal is to display 4 bars, not the 3 I would get from the "normal" data alone. And there is also another bar I would like to display that is "70% of baseline". So ultimately, I'd have 5 bars.