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    Direct Discovery Questions

    Sunny Talwar

      Hi Team -


      This is my very first time with direct discovery and please pardon me if I ask something which is too obvious. I have gone through various different discussions/docs on Direct Discovery before coming here, but I might not have explored all of them. There are few things that I wanted to know related to this topic


      1) If I add a new row of data into my database, one which doesn't find a match on the Dimension I have in my application. Will that row not show up until I refresh the application so that the matching row is available in memory? For example


      Lets say I loaded this data


      LOAD * INLINE [

      ID, Sales

      1, 30

      2, 45









      FROM Source;


      Now, the database gets updated with a new ID 3, which is still not available in the application because it hasn't been refreshed. Will I be able to see this ID in the application or not?


      2) Do we need to have all the dimension connect to something in the data or is it okay to have a field which connects with nothing. For instance, if you look above Product_Name is not connected to anything. Can it be a dimension or will I have to move this to Detail?


      3) Is there a way to automatically refresh the data (without having to change selections) to see the data getting updated, lets say every 5 minutes or 3 minutes.


      I might have more questions as I will play around with it more, but for now, I would really appreciate if someone can help me with these questions.