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    Vertical Scrollbar in a Grid Chart

    William Lau

      I've created a Grid Chart in Qlikview and on the Y-Axis, I am using a cycle group for the Dimension.  As I go through the different Dimensions by clicking on the cycle group, I noticed that not all the Dimension values appear in the chart.  If I know there are 20 values for a given dimension, only 5 would be display in the chart.  If I vertically expand the chart, I can see more dimension values be included.  Without expanding the chart, I would think that a vertical scrollbar would be included but I don't see one.


      I tried changing the chart internal (Control Key + Shift Key) to see if that had any effect.  Nothing.


      I Googled this problem and found some postings, but they were created back in the year 2009.  Does anyone know if there was ever a fix for this problem?