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    Issue when adding document to Source Control

      Hi all,


      We have our QlikView system linked to TFS for versioning and source control. Normally this works fine but for one document in particular there are issues when trying to add it to source control.


      I got to the menu option to add it, but when I click it nothing happens, and the usual pop up window doesn't appear. a -prj folder is created in the folder where the document is stored, but it is empty. Any attempts afterwards to add it to source control result in an error saying that it cannot find the Qlikview Project file in the -prj folder.


      Does anyone know what the problem might be?

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          andy whitfield

          Hi James,


          is the folder correctly named?


          Export QlikView application (QVW) file to a PRJ folder

          1. Create a folder named the same way as QlikView application with -PRJ as suffix, in the same folder as the QlikView application. For example if the application file is named MyApplication the project folder sould be named MyApplication-PRJUser-added image
          2. Open the QlikView application that you want to export to a PRJ Folder.
          3. Press Save (or Ctrl+S) to trigger the export of the application content to the PRJ folder.
          4. Open the PRJ folder in a file explorer window to confirm the content has been exported. The folder should contain XML and TXT files corresponding to the objects and properties in the QlikView application.

          NOTE1: The content will only be exported to the PRJ folder every time the QVW file is saved NOTE2: The PRJ folder will not contain data, which also includes variable values  Recreate QlikView application (QVW) file from the PRJ folder

          1. If the QVW still exists, rename it to something that does not match the PRJ folder name. For example add a underscore to the file name, mainly to enable reverting to the original file if required later. User-added image
          2. Open QlikView desktop client
          3. Create a new document
          4. Save the document with the same name as the PRJ Folder. For example so that you get a file structure as the image below. User-added image
          5. Close the QlikView application, without saving the document again if prompted. This triggers importing the data from the PRJ folder to the QVW file.
          6. Reopen the QVW file to validate that the file has been restored.