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    Qlikview server Error

      Dear QlikView Support,

      I am Rishi Beri (Developer Qlikview) I am stuck into a crucial situation and I want a help from your side .

      I will explain you the problem now .

      Scenario 1


      Actually I had used the licence key of my client for the testing purpose (Publishing and section access) on my official laptop whose domain is Atrapa and user name is rberi .I installed the QV QVS on my system and applied the licence to it and till Monday it was running fine there were no errors as such . But suddenly the following errors started coming which are in the Picture attached :

      1. Status tab of QEMC is showing that Qlikview Server disconnected

      2. In the user Tab its showing Could not connect to the Qvs

      3. In the licence Tab its showing Server Down and the button Update licence on server and apply licence is not working

      4. All the services status are started and working properly .

      Qlikview Server version on my laptop : 9.0.7320.7


      error loading image


      Scenario 2


      One More issue and its as follows :

      On the test server of the client I used the same key and installed the QVS its running fine but the Access Point is showing no values that is all the drop Down are coming blank

      All the services are running fine on this system.

      error loading image



      Qlikview Server version on Client : 9.0.7257.6


      Rishi Beri
      +91 9911744655


        • Qlikview server Error
          Miguel Angel Baeyens de Arce

          Hi Rishi,

          First of all, this is QlikView Community, where anybody can post and ask, and, although QlikView staffers may be around and solve or help sometimes, it doesn't mean you will get an official answer from QlikTech support.

          Do you see any errors in the Windows Event Viewer? (Startup button, Run, eventvwr.msc) Is it possible to be any permissions issues?

          In regards to the second, I see in your posted image that the user querying the server has not logged in (In the top right corner, it displays "Logged in as: ...) check the browser settings so it asks for credentials or pass the same domain username to the server, and that this user has permissions in the folder where QlikView applications are.

          Hope that helps

          • Qlikview server Error

            For Scenario 1

            Insert a valid license to server and your services will be running.

            I have this problem too, but my server license has expired, I get a new license and work OK.

            • Qlikview server Error
              Bill Britt

              This could be cause by a group policy that is applied to your machine. Just because your login is part of the administrator group doesn't mean you have full admin rights to the machine. I would get someone who has Enterprise Domain Admin rights to log onto the machine. I would then uninstall QVS and reinstall it.

              • Qlikview server Error

                I got the solution

                For senario 1 it is because i installed the QVS on different domain or network and now i am on different domain .

                For senario 2 actully the domain is different from the domain from where it has to be accessed

                • Qlikview server Error
                  Sunil Kenth



                  I have a similar problem to this whereby i cannot get QVS to work.  When i lok at the windows event viewer (eventvwr.msc) i see lots of errors against the Qlikview Distribution Service(QDS) and Qlikview Management Service(QMS).  The error messages for QDS are Authorization failed for user NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM and for the QMS it says <b>Access Denied</b><br/><br/>Membership of local security groups is missing.<br/><br/>Please refer to the manual for more information.  I have ensured that the user the services are logging in as have both Qlikview Administrators and Administrators rights.


                  I am now thinking of uninstalling and reinstalling but need to know which windows registry entries to delete.





                  Server Install Event Log.JPG