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    Publish a sheet from one app to another app

    Chenna Reddy



      Currently QlikSense is providing a feature to publish / unpublish a sheet with in the published app.This feature is good for the end user point of view.


      But from a developer perspective can we have a feature to publish a sheet from one app to another app.


      The reason for this request is, we have 2 stages of development like product & project


      Product : Dev team builds few sheets as OOB and publish that to project team

      Project : Dev team takes product and enhances with the new sheets.


      While this continuous, Product team may enhance application with few more sheets. When Project team has some additional sheets built, if they have to amend these into OOB product, it becomes difficult to copy all the sheet objects created by Project team.


      Instead if there is any feature that allows to do following

      1. Take the OOB product and import into QMC with in the Project area

      2. Navigate to sheets under the app created by project team.

      3. Select sheets which needs to be moved to OOB product

      4. Move them to OOB product

      5. Publish this application to production.


      Let me know if this is valid scenario.