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    Expected Tab not activating while select the Text button conditional Hide/Display

    sunni puli


      Hi All,

        Can anyone Please help me out of Conditional Show sheet hide/display.


      Now I am Facing  the problem with conditional Hide and display.I Have a 7 Text button and 7  sheets .First three button will working for my selection but after 4 ,5,6 button will not display the expected sheet, its displaying other tab.


      In a Text Box I am using the following variables:

      vTabswitch =1,

      Activate sheet= sheet ID

        Sheet Properties:

        Show conditional :  vTabswitch=1

        The same way rest of the buttons, using different variables  like: vTabswitch =2, vTabswitch =3, vTabswitch =4, vTabswitch =5, vTabswitch =6,

        irst three sheets displaying when I am select three different Buttons and  4,5 & 6 conditions are also working But expected shee4 ,sheet5,sheet6 not displaying.

      It is displaying some other Tab

        Can you please guide me where did I wrong


      Note: Attaching sample QVW for you all reference.Tabs: Main,Sheet1,Sheet2,Sheet3.If I click main button its not activating sheet.