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    MTD / YTD Is there a better way?

    Grant King

      Hi All,


      In my data table i'm trying to display MTD and YTD using a calculation which I have stored in a variable "vQuotes" (below). 


      SUM({<[Plan Type]={'Actual'}>} Quote_Count)


      The fact calendar I have created has flags for MTD and YTD.  What I was hoping to do in the front end data table which in theory should be simple but I can't get this to work is the following :


      $(vQuotes) * MTD


      and another for YTD

      $(vQuotes) * YTD


      I can get around this by creating new variable which I would call "vQuotesMTD" and would be as follows:


      SUM({<[Plan Type]={'Actual'}, MTD = {1}>} Quote_Count)

      But it would mean multiple variables which are only used once and are basically the same.

      Is it possible to do this it this way?

      $(vQuotes) * MTD