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    .qvw Reload Every 'n' Minutes Only Between 2 Times.

      Hopefully this is a relatively straight forward answer as I can't believe this isn't a common requirement.

      I have a .qvw sat on our Server (v9 SR5) that monitors production activity and as such is reloaded every 15mins - obviously this 'every 15mins' can be set in the scheduler but is there a way to limit the reloads to say only run every 15mins between 08:00 and 18:00 Monday to Friday as outside of these hours the data will not change so the constant reload is a waste of resource.

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        • .qvw Reload Every 'n' Minutes Only Between 2 Times.


          you can test for current date (and time ..), and if it is Saturday than load a file that does not exist. Script will fail, and nothing gets distributed over the previous (valid) file.

          Just let everybody know this is not a failure, and call the task "supposed_to_fail_every_weekend"


          if weekday(now()) = 6 then
          trace it is saturday, failing;
          load * from xxxx.txt;



          • .qvw Reload Every 'n' Minutes Only Between 2 Times.
            John Witherspoon

            Are you using QlikView Publisher? If so, here's an example:

              • .qvw Reload Every 'n' Minutes Only Between 2 Times.


                I'm not running publisher.

                Looking at your screen shot those are exactly the features I require...and exactly the features you'd expect to see in and 'Enterprise Server' package. I've always assumed (and never been told otherwise by Qliktech even when in technical pre-sales) that Enterprise handled the reloading of documents as required and a good level of distribution and Publisher simply added additional 'Publishing' functions such as email pdf distribution and the slicing of .qvw's.

                To me Publisher now seems to be a very mis-named product and that it's strange that a so called Enterprise product is actually a stripped down version of what is functionally possible and is readily available.

                If there's a way of achieving this functionality without Publisher (which at the cost of an Enterprise licence is for too prohibitive) then I'd love to hear about it, alternatively I'll suggest it as a feature for v11.

                Many thanks,

                Matt - Visual Analytics Ltd

                  • .qvw Reload Every 'n' Minutes Only Between 2 Times.
                    Paul Kelly

                    We update our reports using a windows batch file / windows scheduler...

                    Batch file command line...

                    "C:\Program Files (x86)\QlikView\QV.exe" /r C:\QlikViewDocuments\Timbmet_Live\Scripts\D01.qvw

                    You can also reload via the "QlikView Management Console" - I know that you can do this by time but have not seen how to restrict this to specific dates / times - perhaps worth further investigation?

                    Hope this helps...



                • .qvw Reload Every 'n' Minutes Only Between 2 Times.

                  I've just found that under the Enterprise Mgmt Console not the standard mgmt console the reload scheduler soes indeed offer the ability to switch off the reloads on certain days and between certain times.

                  Problem solved.

                  All the best.

                  Matt - Visual Analytics Ltd