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    Forcing X axis labels to show Mondays

    Oula Antere

      I have a chart with weekly data over time, with the X-axis dimension being =weekStart(timestamp). I'd like the x-axis labels to be the dates for Mondays, for example "2016-03-07", "2016-03-14" etc., while being able to limit the X-axis for only this year.


      If the X-axis is not continuous, the dates are correctly for Mondays, but I can't set the Static Min to show only this year. And if the axis is continuous, then the labels are incorrectly shown for other days than Mondays ("2016-03-12", "2016-03-19" etc.).


      So I have two paths in mind to solve the problem:

      1. Limit the range of a non-continuous axis
      2. Force the labels of a continuous axis to Mondays


      However, I'm clueless on how to pursue either of these. Any ideas would be highly appreciated!