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    Assign Named User CAL to Anonymous User ?

      Hello Community!

      I'm just trying to publish a document in order to anonymous users can access to it using Ajax outside the domain, but always get the same message:

      Access denied! The server (QVS) has no USER CAL for your account. Please contact your system administrator!

      The Server Settings are:

      1.- En QEMC > System > Licenses > QVS@localhost > Client Access Licenses (CALs) > General Allow license lease and Allow dynamic CAL assignment checked.

      2.- En QEMC > System > Setup > Qlikview Web Servers > AccessPoint > Authentication: Never.

      3.- En QEMC > System > Setup > Qlikview Web Servers > AccessPoint > Ajax: Always Anonyous, Prohibit Authentication and Prohibit machine Id checked.

      4.- En QEMC > System > Setup > QlikView Server > Security > Authentication > Allow Anonymous (Anonymous Account: On Domain) and Authorization > DMS Authorization.

      5.- En QEMC > Documents > User Documents > Authorization. Added Anonymous for the document.

      Any suggestions?