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    Linking Object

    Omotayo Olokede

      Good day,

      i am working with my company database, and i have my customer dashboard. i have birthday of the day and birthday on the month running on it, also i have total customer count on the sheet. using "Count(Cust_Id)"

      i want to have another count that will hold birthday counts

      i have more than one Chart on my sheet and i have two guage chart, which i want it to display different count of customers. please how do i go about that?


      Any help please

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          Stefan Wühl

          Sorry, I don't really understand your setting nor your issue.


          Could you upload a small sample QVF (this could contain sample data, no need to post your real data, just sample records that is similar to your real ones)?

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            Michael Tarallo

            Hello Omotayo,


            I agree with Stefan, we need a bit more information. However, I am thinking you mean to specifically show a different count of customers based on some criteria??


            If this is the case you could use Set Analysis as described here:



            See sample .qvf


            Please copy .qvf file to your C:\Users\<user profile>\Documents\Qlik\Sense\Apps and refresh Qlik Sense Desktop with F5


            This shows products sold IN the US (1 KPI) and products sold in germany (another separate KPI).



            • count({$<Country={"Germany"}>}[Orders$.ProductID])
            • count({$<Country={"United States"}>}[Orders$.ProductID])


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            Mike Tarallo