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    Which join to use - left or inner? How to measure distance between gps co-ordinates?

    marco fourie

      In the spreadsheet attached, there are two tabs, [LocationGPS & Attributes] and [str - itm - wk sales data].  The first tab holds two types of store statuses, i.e. EXISTING STORES and @home stores, GPS co-ordinates and Province. The second tab holds sales data against the Store & item, but only for the EXISTING STORES.

      First question, how do we join the two tabs, so that we can view both the EXISTING STORES & @home stores on a map? And then measure the distance between locations, so that we can answer the question, which EXISTING STORES are <10km from an @store?



      Second question, for those EXISTING STORES <10km from an @store, what is the sales for the items in that store?