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    `Hide Non-Selected Values, on an Ignore Selections

    Jarrell Dunson



      I have a chart, that accumulates... totaling an amount by year


      I want to allow a user to drill into the years... without the user selections to affect the totals.

      So, I've gone the route of using set analysis, where I ignore year selects:   sum({$<[Year]=>}[Cash Amount])

      [If I don't include this, then the totals change... adding up only for the years selected]


      This works fine... however, extraneous years still show on the chart... Here is the same chart, with years 2005-2016 selected... As you can see, the non-selected years...still show on the chart... and still accumulate:


      Is there a way to hide the years, not selected ...?  That is, honor user selections for which years to view , but ignore the years selected for the total amount?