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    Image Behavior - Access Point


      We have a a problem we're experiencing when exporting QlikView sheet objects with images to excel.

      Our process has been to export the sheet object with image (and other data metrics) to excel from QlikView; we created a QlikView Add In macro to convert the path name that is displayed in the cell (after QlikView export) to the image itself. If accessing via the client, our documents with image sheet objects are generating the image within QlikView and exporting the sheet object to excel with the image path name displayed in the appropriate image column/cell. From there, we process the excel add in to drop in the image. The problem occurs with one of our documents when accessing it via Access Point. The image displays in QlikView, but when exporting to excel, the image column is blank and the path name disappears.

      This was working previously and we upgraded to SR6. The Advanced field settings on the Dimensions tab for the image calculated dimension is: Representation = Image; Image Formatting = Keep Aspect and the Hide Text When Image Missing is checked.

      Any thoughts?