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    Import KML file created with Google

      I am trying to import a KML file in Qlik View that was created with Google My Maps. The Map has several areas of a city drawn as Polygons.


      I have tried everything to import the Map but it simply won't load in Qlik View. In Qlik Sense I am able to load the KML without a problem with OpenStreetMaps as a background. Also the file loads without any problem in Google Earth. I have tried several extensions such as GeoClick, Geospatial map but no joy. Also I have followed multiple step-by-step tutorials only to be able to draw a Google Map of the world but the polygons won't apear.


      What I would like to do is to have the different areas of the city have a colour based on an expression. I am beginning to doubt if this is possible at all.


      Hopelfully someone can point me in the right direction! Attached is the KML I would like to import to Qlik View.