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    Qlik Server and internet website

      I am working with embedding and shows the dashboard at our testing website.


      We do have a server computer. That computer have a opened port so that user can access to our website. At the same computer, we have another port for qlik sense, which is automatically opened when we install the qlik sense.


      For example,  Let's say we have a computer, address is  Http://Hello.com

      And we have opened port with 9000 for web page, so Http://Hello.com:9000. This make user can access the our website from internet, which mean out of company, they can access to the website.


      And we have Http://Hello.com:4848 for qlik sense, from the server computer  (localhost:4848). And this port, we do not opened for the internet, we can only access at the intranet. In another word, if the user is out side of our company line, they cannot access to  Http://Hello.com:4848, even user can access Http://Hello.com:9000.


      This is what we sets up...

      We find out some issues with other BI engines (tableau,  Dundas), which is if we are using the our company intranet, the dashboard does shows up at our website. BUT!! When we using another line, which is regular internet, the dashboard does NOT shows up at the site.


      1) is that also same as qlik sense??

      2) do we need to make user can also access Http://Hello.com:8000 port by internet??? In other words, do we need to open the port 8000 like port 9000??