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    Connect to Server

    Ian Jones

      Hi All,


      I have an issue where if I open one document using "connect to server" and then open a separate document via accesspoint then I am disconnected from the server and most times this is a graceful "Communication to the server lost" and it exits the application other times it just crashes Qlikview.


      There seems to be no entries in the qv logs about conflicts or any of the exits from the applications

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          Peter Cammaert

          The "Communication lost" is to be expected. With different clients, you can only keep one session open at a time to the QlikView server. "Open in server" makes the QV Desktop act like a QlikView plugin for IE-client. Opening an AP document in your browser at the same time will create a new session and will disconnect the other one. Moving to a different sheet or making a selection in QV Desktop will first restore the session and will disconnect the session in the browser. And so on...


          Want to keep two sessions open at the same time? Use the same client on the same platform using the same account.


          No client should ever crash anything. You may want to report frequent crashes to Qlik support.





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            Mohammed Ashfaq Ali



            This is known thing, Please make sure to use 1 ID with single clients at a time.

            If you try to connect 1 ID with 2 sessions at the same time the earlier connection will always be disconnected.




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              Ian Jones

              Thanks for the responses,


              I'll keep an eye on the system crashing and if it continues then I will raise a ticket