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    AD / Section Access troubleshooting


      Since a couple of days, i'm facing a surprising problem with my section Section Access.

      From the day i've been connected to the company network through a VPN, and been back to the office, i no longer can access to my app with the thick client (access denied) BUT i do have the access through the access point.


      In order to understand, i have created a stupid Hello world app.


      Section Access;

      LOAD * INLINE [


          ADMIN, zz-A3.31-Administration_QlikView, ADMINS, USERS_T_ALL

          ADMIN, zz-A3.31-Administrateurs_QV_Holding, ADMINS, USERS_T_ALL  

          USER, chungf, ADMINS, USERS_T_ALL



      The first is the servor administrator account.

      The second one is the group i'm supposed in (we've checked several times, my name is in the list).

      Last one my NTNAME.


      When I reload the app like no problem. Obvious, i'm in the white list with my NTNAME.

      When i reload the app without my NTNAME, the access is denied on the thick app BUT there no trouble on the access point. That means i'm rightly configured on the AD group, am I ?


      Does someone have any suggestion to solve my problem ? An option to check ?

      I would appreciate your help.