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    Label calculated dimension

    Demetrio Cugliari

      Hi All,

      i have a problem on the title of my calculated dimension in the list panel.

      In some fields it works and puts me in the right way, in others not, and do not understand why.

      here the screen

      panel list.png

      I use in the field the expression =   if(Type like 'Alert',Utente)   and WORKS   (2° and 3° filter on the list panel)

      I Use the expression =    if(Type like 'Alert',Modello) and not WORKS ........ insert in the label the "if....."

      In another sheet i have the condition that the type_Event='Planning'  and there, the title of the two filter workrs

      here the screen

      panel list 2.png

      Use the expression  if([Tipo evento] like 'PLANNING',Utente)   WORKS

      ............................. if([Tipo evento] like 'PLANNING',Modello) and WORKS 

      In the first case, although I put a fictitious condition, type  if(Id_Alert<10000,Modello)  not works.

      WHY ?