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    Hierarchy without parent ?

    Michiel van de Goor

      I have a customer table in which some customers have the same parent. Mostly the customer does not have a parent.


      How can I create a hierarchy in this situation? I want to show the ChildID as ParentID when no parent is entered in the database. Easy done with an if statement, but I posted the raw data below in the print screen for your reviewing.


      I started with Hierarchy (ChildID, ParentID,ClientKey).

      ClientKey will be used to link to the name of the client.


      I want to display the Parent to child relation in an listbox.

      2016-05-10 11_31_53-QlikView x64 - [D__Auren interne rapportages_MI_Auren_2_Workbooks_CTS hierarchy .jpg


      My question: what should the hierarchy statement be to generate the desired List box. With the current statement I don't have a field that acts as as desired