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    Forecast variability

      Hi - I need help again.

      Sorry I don't seem to be able to post to any group.


      Every week sales Dept sends our forecasting Dept a projected sales file. It consists of basically 4 columns -






      11/05/2016 parta 20/08/2016 3000

      11/05/2016 parta 20/09/2016 4000

      11/05/2016 partb 26/08/2016 8000

      11/05/2016 partb 20/09/2016 7000


      The next week the file may look like

      18/05/2016 parta 20/08/2016 3500

      18/05/2016 parta 28/09/2016 4100

      18/05/2016 partb 21/08/2016 8000

      18/05/2016 partb 20/09/2016 7500

      IE The forecast-qty and qty may change

      They need a graphical Analysis of overall change in qty with the ability to drill down to which part has had its forecast qty changed the most

      They also need to see how the forecast-dates have changed bringing the qty required forward or back in time also with the ability to drill to the part with the most variability

      These can be 2 separate graphs

      Any ideas?

      I think I can do report 1 but don't know how to tackle report 2