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    Num# not working to convert text item


      Hello all


      I have a report where I have premium values that are like the following.






      I have tried purging the '+' from the text item then converting them to a number such as below.


      Num#(purgechar(PREMIUM, '+'),'###,###;###,###-',',','.') as PREM

      Ultimately I want the data to show a positive 5.0136 and a negative 5.0136


      When using the code above the "numbers" still act like a text item and when extracting the to Excel they still act like text items but can be converted to numbers and Excel also removes the leading zeros.

      Even when the '+' has been removed and Num function used the field still behaves like a text item.

      However, in Qlikview there seems to be no leeway in turning this text item into a number.

      I have tried to do this within the "number tab" under table box properties but the premium value still behaves in the same way.

      Any ideas?

      Thanks any help is appreciated!