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    Macro using client printer instead of server pdf printer

      I have a strange problem. I have a app that uses a macro to send and email with a .pdf attachment. When I run it on the server, from the access point using the IE plugin, it works fine. When I run it on a client PC, instead of printing to the server pdf printer, it prints directly to the client default printer. It doesn't prompt for a printer or location - just prints.

      Server is Windows Server 2008 SP2 (64bit) running QlikView Server version 9.00.7440.8

      Client is Windows 7, IE v8, IE Plugin downloaded from the server (so they match).

      Using BullZip PDF Printer on ther server (couldn't get QlikViewPDF print driver installed but that's a whole different problem). The BullZip PDF Printer is NOT installed on the client PC.

      The macro has requested module security "System Access" and current local security "Allow System Access". The document security setting has "Macro Override Security" set.

      I believe the code is correct as it works fine from the server (using IE Plugin from the Access Point). There must be some other strange setting somewhere that would cause the macro to use the printer from the client pc instead of the BullZip PDF printer on the server. My understanding is that the macro runs "on the server" not on the client PC.

      Any ideas? What am I missing?