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    NPrinting Pixel Perfect Table of Contents?

    Gerald Schooten

      Hi All!


      I'm in need of some advanced information about Pixel Perfect. I want to create an good looking pixel perfect report with the following pages:


      Frontpage - with an logo, and some information in the lower area of the page

      Table of Contents - on this page an automated ToC based on the labels in the PP-report
      Short Exective Resume - one page with the most important information for the board (tables and images)

      Detailed paragraphs - The pages in this section holds written text, images of Qlikview Objects and tables.

      For example:

      Paragraph Header 1

      --Sub paragraph Header 2

      ----Sub sub paragraph Header 3


      As I was developing the report I came across an issue. I want to use the Table of Contents not by Data Binding, but by label weight (Header1, Header2 and Header3). Just like the Table of Contents in a Word template?


      Is that even possible?


      Thanks for your time and answers.


      Kind regards, Gerald