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    What is the most simple BI tools to get started with?

      I've been looking into BI tools as we could use some for our users in our company. However, although all vendors write "simple", "easy" and "fast deployed" basically everywhere on their websites, this seems like a lot of marketing wind to me.

      I mainly looked at free / open source solution, hoping that at least I'd find a download link (one that is actually accessible and not buried deep into the website after 7 registration forms), a REAL getting started tutorial, with which I could get my hands on stuff right now and create my first report from a database within (an hour? a day? a week?)

      And also one that before advertising the 7 different soft wares  of their reporting suite, would actually take the time to tell me in very simple terms, with concrete examples, why I need 7 tools, where do they come into the game and how they interact with each other.


      If you know of such tools, I'd be happy to have your recommendations.