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    publisher upgrade


      I just installed Qlikview version 10 ( upgrading from version 9) but I do not have the publisher upgrade tool ?

      There is no folder called Publisher at all, under Program Files/Qlikview.

      Did the installation not go as supposed to? Any ideas why I don't have the publisher upgrade tool?

      Thanks, Maria






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          Karl Pover


          Modify the installation through the control panel or running setup.exe again and add the 'Support Tools' component which should include the Publisher Upgrade Tool.


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              Karl thank you!

              One more question....if I am using IIS as web server, do I need to install Qlikview Web Server?

              During the initial installation, I didn't install it. But now, Access Point doesn't diplay any documents, which I think is because the Web Server service is not running ?



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                  Karl Pover

                  I always use the QV Web Server, but according to the manual it says





                  In a distributed environment this is used to add web server funtionality. This installs the QlikView Web Server or support for Microsoft IIS.

                  Then there is a section in the reference manual called

                  Running Microsoft Internet Information Services


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                Bill Britt

                To start if you are upgrading from Version 9 to version 10 you do not need to run the upgrade tool. You need to read the release notes. That is only from version 8 to 10. It is your choice to use either IIS or the QlikView webservers. Performance is about the same with both, but webserver is easy to manage than IIS unless you have experience with it.