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    How to make 2016 bar divide by 4 instead of 12 ?

    Yeo Poh sai

      Hi All


      I have a chart expression from sunny which is working fine on my GL stand alone table, using below expression :-


      Above(RangeSum(Above(Sum({<year, month , GL_CODE = {50010}>}[Amount]*1), 0, RowNo()))),
      -Sum({<GL_CODE = {50010}>}TOTAL Aggr(Sum({<year, month, GL_CODE = {50010}>}[Amount]*1), YearMonth))), (YearMonth, (NUMERIC, DESCENDING))))/Count(distinct YearMonth)
      , $(vMoneyFormatK_GL))


      I try to using the same expression for my another QV doc , it display wrong value on 2016 bar.


      May i know how to make it display as 1,373,000 ? ( Ref to Table 1 if add up 2016 jan till April amount divide by 4 = 1,373,000)


      Now it display 457,799 because it all up 2016 stock and divide by 12. which is wrong.


      it should be divide by 4. May i know how where to change ?

      I will enclosed my QS Doc in my next posting.