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    Selected Value as a percentage of Total Values

      Hi All,


      I am using the gauge feature of QlikSense and I am trying to display my values as a percentage.


      I have a Count of "Count(Test Data)" which ends up giving a value of 220. However this 220 is not displayed as a percentage on the Gauge. This becomes a problem when I select various fields, for example, that have a count of 110 - this should be 50% of the data however it is still above the 100 line of the gauge.


      Does anyone know an expression to use in order to convert my Count(Test Data) into a percentage so it fits properly onto the gauge?


      Ideally it would avoid being a specific divide by 220 then multiplying by 100 as when other filters are applied this will skewer the real percentage.


      I hope this makes sense, any help is greatly appreciated.