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    BINARY load

    Ali Hijazi


      I'm new to Qlik Sense

      can't I binary load from qvf file?

      please advise

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          Vladimir Komarov

          Yes, the Binary load works in QS as well:

          1. Create a new connector pointing to your Apps folder ("QS Apps" in my case)

          2. Use the following line in your script:

          Binary [lib://QS Apps (server_admin.account)/fea24922-77e7-496r4-9433-c0c1a431540];

          Where fea24922-77e7-496r4-9433-c0c1a431540 is your App's ID.


          I do not think you can load the QVF using the app's name, so you have to use the app's registered ID instead (above).