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    Qlik Sense Reload Task Fails

    Alec Smith



      I have a reload task setup to reload an app daily.  The reload task fails.  Below is the log file entry for the reload task.  The log file indicates an Access denied error.  The interesting part is that I am able to manually reload the app in the app editor. 


      Has anyone experienced this error before? Does anyone have a resolution? 


      Thank you in advance for any help on this issue!  



      AuditActivity_Engine Log File Entry:

      601 20160511T113345.570-0400 CD-QLIK bee43455-3f9a-4234-b589-c21f92a243ae 20160511T113345.570-0400 Command=Open app;Result=5;ResultText=Error: Access denied 0 0 16850 INTERNAL sa_scheduler 4eb4de30-c5bf-4771-9d70-03ba69b3364e C&D - Production APP - User Testing Engine Global::OpenApp Open app 5 bee43455-3f9a-4234-b589-c21f92a243ae