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    copy to clipboard in ajax?

    payal pg

      Hi Qlikcommunity,

      I have requirement that copying of objects from Ajax.I tried using macros but its not working in Ajax ,i know its limitation of Ajax. Still is there any approach to get it done using Ajax.If any ideas please help me. I really need this. please help me.





      Thank you

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          Peter Cammaert

          Well, this will be tricky, as the Ajax client is purely HTML-XML-Javascript based and as such is unaware of all the binary things that are living behind the QlikView user interface. For example, there is no way to directly export an image of an object or a sheet to the clipboard because there is no object and there is no clipboard.


          Some workarounds are available though. There are ways to export data, and the best merthod to get a screenshot is by printing an object and exportinging the picture from the new browser window that will open itself.


          If you want to have the feature set and righmousebutton menu options of a Windows application, switch to the QlikView plugin for IE.





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              payal pg

              Hi peter,

              Thanks for your reply.


              if i do the above workaround i can copy only charts(images kind) ,i can't copy the tables i mean straight table or pivot table charts i can't copy the total table i can only copy the values inside the cells.please reply me here.



              Thank you.

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              You can´t do that using Ajax client.

              Ajax client is only html, css, javascript and images.

              QlikView Objects only are accessible using Plugin