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    Map - Coloring countries according to Territory



      I have a Qlik Sense map displaying completion rates by country.  Countries are grouped under Territory (USA, Canada and Brazil are all 'Americas').  Currently my color coding is displaying by country, but I would like to have it so all countries in a territory are the same color, e.g. US and Canada would appear as red alongside Brazil.


      Color coding summary:

      If 100% complete ->Green

      If <100% complete -> Orange

      If at least one item is past due -> Red


      Current color expression:


                      AND (Sum(PastDue)/Sum(Total))=0,rgb(255,128,0),





      Map example.png


      What is the best way to achieve this, would this be set analysis or AGGR, and what would be the syntax used?  I tried using Aggr([Current color expression],Territory) but only the red countries retain their color.