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    QV10 SBE IE Plugin Install

      Our organization has Small Business Edition Server. Our IT department supports IE 6 only for web browser. Under QV 9, users typically used the Ajax client. I just updated to QV Server 10 for feature reasons with the understanding we could use the IE Plugin in place of the Ajax client which V10 no longer supports under IE 6. My test show the Ajax Client works for some things not others. So I want to switch users to the IE Plugin.

      The question is, can the plugin be installed via the access point on demand? I found a lot of old discussions on the web, and it appears the answer was yes in some versions, and no in others, and how to do it varied by version. And in another place I found reference to it being possible with Enterprise Server, but not Small Business Edition (I have the latter). So can they install the plugin via access point on demand from SBE Server V10?

      On a related note, if the answer to the above is that I have to provide them the plugin executable to install (as opposed to on-demand install via access point), is the correct version to use the version 9 plugin? I see "QlikView IE Plugin" on http://global.qlik.com/download/, but the latest version is 9, not 10. Does V9 of the plugin work with V10 of server?