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    Set modifiers not working when adding if condition

    Sowmya M

      Hi Guys,


      I am facing a problem wherein i need to toggle between two metrics (Sum and Average) between a trend line chart.

      Please find attached sample qvf and problem description below:



      Filters: Year and prodcode. Total/Average filters from inline load script

      1) Chart 1: simply has a trend line that gets affected by prodcode filter but not year filter. Year filter will only affect my KPI chart.


      2) Chart2: Same trendline (not affected by Year filter but only prodcode filter) but with if conditions for totals and Average. I have created a inline function in script that has two measures  "Totals"  and "Averages" and I am coding my Chart2 based on the two.


      In chart 2, when i click on a year filter it filters my total/average for that year which is not expected as i have used a set expression asking it not to be affected by year filter. (note: chart1 works fine. The problem seems to be with if condition)


      Any pointers are appreciated!