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    Required Server Settings for QlikView (11.20.12742.0.), To record the QlikView application using AjaxTruClient Protocol in HP Load runner

      Hi Team,


      First , We tried to record QlikView application using Load Runner HTTP protocol and Observed while recording using Load Runner the application is opening using AJAX instead of QlikView Plugin, So we have raised issue with HP Team and they have given below response


      Regarding your case, unfortunately, LoadRunner is not capable of record and reproduce the application related to QlikView. This is happens because the QlikView is a custom third party application which has been developed using multiple technologies and it uses his own built client. The multiple communication methods and sources that exist in the QlikView software cannot be handle and recognized by any of the protocols present in LoadRunner even using the multiprotocol option it will handle a maximum of two combinations which is not enough for creating a complete script. The workaround is using Ajax Truclient protocol and also the workaround is provide by the QlikView company: http://community.qlik.com/thread/20386

      But it will still call the client that built-in in Ajax Truclient protocol instead of QlikView plugin because the above reason.


      We have found below settings in this forum to use Ajax Truclient protocol for recording


      Please find below setting involved to use Ajax Truclient protocol for Qlikview.( Copied from the link given by CHAU)


      Settings are involved in the process:


      1. Disable Named User CALs for Anonymous Access.

      2. Configure QlikView Server Authorization/Authentication (Found in QEMC on the System/Setup/ Security/ tab.)

      3. QlikView Web Server Ajax access (Found in QEMC on the System/Setup/Ajax/ tab.)

      4. Anonymous user addition to the document.


      To Disable Named User CALs set next options:


      In QEMC on the System/Licenses/QlikView Server/Client Access Licenses(CALS)/General

      Set identification : Machine Name

      Turn on "Allow license lease"

      Turn on "Allow dynamic CAL assignment"

      Anonymous Access Using DMS Authorization

      QEMC on the System/Setup/ Security/ tab

      QlikView Server Authorization: "DMS"

      QlikView Server Authentication: "Always Anonymous" or "Allow Anonymous"

      on System/Setup/Ajax/ tab QlikView Web Server Ajax access: "AlwaysAnonymous" = selected

      Restart QlikView server.

      In QEMC on the Documents/User Documents/Authorization tab for the document add the Anonymous user using the "Edit User" dialog.



      Now the issue is, We are using latest version (11.20.12742.0.) of QlikView application, Can anyone please provide latest settings for QlikView Server to work using Load runner Ajax Truclient protocol.