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    ignore selection with set expressions

      Hi all,


      I'm trying to ignore selections in the field [Booking Month] and at the same time forcing to get the higher value for the field [Booking Week] with this formula and it's not working:

      sum({<[Booking Month],[Booking Week]={"$(=date(max([Booking Week])))"} >}Pax)

      If I use the next formula I ignore the selection made in [Booking Month] field:

      sum({<[Booking Month]} >}Pax)

      and if I use the next formula I will get the result for the higher value for [Booking Week] field:

      sum({<[Booking Week]={"$(=date(max([Booking Week])))"} >}Pax)


      Do you know how can I combine both? maybe is because both dimensions are related?