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    Weird Expression Behavior

    Mark Ritter

      I have created a straight table where the Dimension is a variable and controlled from a list box.  Works great mostly.


      I have a measure called Average Age that is Avg(Aggr(SUM(DISTINCT Age),PatientID)). 90% of the time it calculates correctly for each dimension value.  In some cases it is 100% correct.


      However, in a couple of cases it only calculates for a few of the Dimension values and then is blank for others.  I have checked the raw data and I don't see any difference that would cause this. 


      If I just pick the dimension value that has no Age value showing then the correct age shows up.  However, if I go back to displaying all of the values then it is blank.


      I realize that this description is very high level and probably confusing. 


      Here is a more detailed example. 

      1.  I pick Primary Program from the list box.  The table refreshes and I have 4 rows (1 for each Primary Program).  The Avg Age is displayed correctly for each row.

      2.  I pick Secondary Program from the list box.  The table refreshes and I have 9 rows (1 for each Secondary Program).  The Avg Age is correct for 8 of the rows.  One row has the Avg Age blank.  The raw data behind this looks fine. I see no difference between this row that is not working and the others that are working.