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    RAM spike creating first connection

    Mark O'Donovan

      Hi there,


      Just started a trial of Nprinting 17.


      I am getting a spike in RAM generating the cache for my first connection.


      Is this normal ?

      Is there anyway to retrict the RAM Nprinting uses ?


      I am also getting the following message popup.








      first connection.png


      ram spike.png






      Here is the last few lines of the nprinting_engine log file:


      [Engine.Navigator.QlikView.IQlikViewNavigatorFactory],Engine.Navigator.QlikView.QlikViewNavigatorMetadata][] with length 1

      2016-05-13 09:07:22,252 [7] WARN Engine.Navigator.QlikView.QV11.QlikViewNavigator.[8372]::navigator=qlikview;documentpath="d:\QlikView\QDF\UAT\Hireman\1.Application\OPERATIONAL KPI\Operational KPI2.qvw" - QlikView CPU monitor: process seems stuck due to cpu usage of 61.92 % in 1089ms. Waiting for idle for 2000ms

      2016-05-13 09:07:26,466 [26] INFO Engine.Navigator.QlikView.QV11.QlikViewDocument.[8372]::navigator=qlikview;documentpath="d:\QlikView\QDF\UAT\Hireman\1.Application\OPERATIONAL KPI\Operational KPI2.qvw" - Content request 64ee360a-968c-425f-9757-d90c7adcea79: resolution started