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    Help with Service Level

      Hi guys, I'm quite a newbie with Qlik and I need a little help with a typical example of a Service Level.


      Service Level: I've got a database in which each row represent an order delivered to the customer. I've got two important variable:

      - confirmed data;

      - delivered data;

      The difference: delivered data-confirmed data= number of days for the delivery  (In a new column I've calculated the number of days).

      For Example:      Article      Delivered Date      Confirmed Date           Number of days

                                     x                 10/01/15                15/01/15                              5


      Now I've classified the number of days in 4 categories ([classe LS])in the Data Load Editor:

      Load *,

        if([num giorni]<=0,'LS 0',

          if([num giorni]<=7,'LS 7',

              if([num giorni]<=15,'LS 15', 'LS >15'))) as [classe LS];


      Here it's what i've made, what i would like to do is to visualize the percentage of different classes/categories per Confirmed Date or (Month/Year.. I've created the dimension Month/Year from the Delivered Date).


      In the bar chart I've got a several problem with the creation of the percentage of [classe LS].

      For Example:

      Article    Confirmed Date     Classe LS

      1               10/01/15               LS 7

      2               10/01/15               LS 7

      3               10/01/15               LS 15

      4               10/01/15               LS 15

      5               10/01/15               LS 15


      So this could be that, for the 10/01/15,  the 2/5% refers LS 7 (delivered in under 7 days) and the 3/5% refers to LS 15.


      I've a problem in the implementation of this measure--> percentage of classe LS


      In any case thanks for your time!

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          Stefan Wühl

          Maybe it's just a chart with two dimensions [Confirmed Date] (or Month / Year (could even be a dimension group)) and [Classe LS] and a singel expression



              Count([Article]) / Count(TOTAL<[Confirmed Date]> [Article])


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              Thank you swuehl,I've just try the solution that you recommend me. The only problem is that in some cases the percentage are incorrect




              Month/Year          Confirmed Date      Class            % in the graph    %correct  

              jan/2014               10/01/14                  LS>15              10,9%               1/4%

              jan/2014               10/01/14                  LS 0                 32,7%               1/4%

              jan/2014               10/01/14                  LS 7                 43,6%               1/4%

              jan/2014               10/01/14                  LS 15               12,7%               1/4%